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13. Sports

Conversation 1

A: Did you go to the basketball game on Friday?

B: No, I couldn't make it.

A: You missed a really good game.

B: Oh, really? Who won?

A: Our school did. They played really well.

B: Too bad I was busy. I really wanted to go.

A: Yeah, you should have. It was really exciting.

B: So what was the score?

A: The score was 101-98.

B: Man, that was a really close game.

A: That's what made it so great.

B: I'll make sure and make it to the next one.

Conversation 2

A: Were you able to attend Friday night's basketball game?

B: I was unable to make it.

A: You should have been there. It was intense.

B: Is that right. Who ended up winning?

A: Our team was victorious.

B: I wish I was free that night. I'm kind of mad that I didn't go.

A: It was a great game.

B: What was the score at the end of the game?

A: Our team won 101-98.

B: Sounds like it was a close game.

A: That's the reason it was such a great game.

B: The next game, I will definitely be there.

Conversation 3

A: I was meaning to ask you if you saw the basketball game on Friday.

B: I wanted to go, but I couldn't.

A: It was a great game.

B: It's too bad that I couldn't make it. Who won?

A: Our team played hard and won.

B: I really wish I went to the game.

A: It was the best game ever.

B: So tell me the final score.

A: The other team lost by three points, 101-98.

B: It must've been a close game.

A: It really was. You should've gone.

B: Hopefully, I'll make it to the next one.

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