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Conversation 1

A: You look really nice today.

B: Thank you. I just got this outfit the other day.

A: Really, where did you get it?

B: I got it from Macy's.

A: It's really nice.

B: Thanks again. You look nice today, too.

A: Thank you. I just got these shoes today.

B: Really? What kind of shoes are they?

A: These are called All Star Chuck Taylors.

B: I really like those. How much did they cost?

A: They were about forty dollars.

B: I think I'm going to go buy myself a pair.

Conversation 2

A: I absolutely love what you're wearing today.

B: You do? I just bought this outfit a couple days ago.

A: Seriously, it looks really nice on you. Where did you buy it from?

B: I bought it from the Macy's at the Santa Anita mall.

A: I really like that outfit.

B: Thanks. I think you look nice today, too.

A: Thank you. I just bought these new shoes earlier today.

B: Those are nice. What are they?

A: These are some Chucks.

B: Those are great. How much were they?

A: I got them for forty.

B: I think I might go and find me my own pair of Chucks.

Conversation 3

A: I think that you look very cute today.

B: Is that right? This is a brand new outfit.

A: What store did you get it from?

B: I went to Macy's and picked it out.

A: I love your outfit right now.

B: Well, I think you look nice today too.

A: Thanks. I found these new shoes earlier at the store.

B: I think that those are some really nice shoes. What kind are they?

A: These are Chucks.

B: Your shoes look really nice. How much did you get them for?

A: They only cost me about forty dollars.

B: I'm going to go get a pair for myself.

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